Michael D. Patterson
Assistant Professor
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Office phone number:
+65 6316 8935

Primary Area of Focus:
Cognitive Psychology/Neuroscience

Research Summary:
My research concerns the behavioral and neural substrates of working memory. In particular, I am interested in how humans are able to overcome the severe constraints of working memory capacity limitations. Several projects are currently exploring this issue.

For visual working memory, rather than remembering every individual detail of a visual scene, humans may remember global-, or object-based information.

Another way to reduce working memory demand, is by automating some processes so they no longer require conscious control.

Thirdly, activating long-term memory representations may reduce working memory demands.

Ph.D. Psychology (2004). Rutgers University, Newark Campus.
M.S. Behavioral Neuroscience (1999). Rutgers University, Newark Campus.
B.S. Cognitive Science (1995). University of California at San Diego
B.A. French Literature (1995). University of California at San Diego

Academic Profile:

Selected Publications:

Patterson, Michael D., & Yang, Shanshan. (2012). The effect of retrocues depends on the response mode: the influence of visual pathways. Annual Meeting of the Vision Science Society.

Oei, Adam & Patterson, Michael D. (2012). The effects of video game play on visual cognition: a multiple game training study. Vision Science Society, Journal of Vision.

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